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Romney Marsh

Romney LambRomney sheep was originated in marshy areas of Kent, England. Rainy and windy conditions created a hardy sheep with durable, weather-resistant wool. The sheep is known for its resistance to foot rot and liver flukes. Romney sheep is a popular small flock breed due to its quiet predisposition and easy trainability. Romney breed had been improved by crossbreeding with Leicester. Romney flocks are very prolific and fast growing. The yearling rams weigh from 175 to 275 pounds. The ideal market weight of 110-120 pounds is reached in four-to-six months.

Romney FleeceAfter its export to New Zealand, this dual purpose sheep became one of the most important sources of the wool and meat export in the country’s economy comprising about 40% of the New Zealand’s flock. Romney meat is known for its low fat and delicate flavor.

The fleece has great luster and long parallel fibers with minimal crossing of the locks. Romney wool, measuring 29-36 microns in diameter (50s-44s), is the finest fiber among the longwool breeds. The crimp is uniform from butt to tip. Romney wool is a fiber of choice for hand spinners and a perfect fiber for beginners.

Romney wool has minimal shrinking with washing due to low grease content, making it a high-yielding fleece. It is sheared once or twice per year. Ewes shear 8 or more pounds per year and rams produce 12 or more pounds of fleece per year. The annual staple length is four to six inches. Romney wool is used for upholstery, drapes, outer ware, carpets. Its durability makes it ideal for hard working conditions. A lamb fleece of 30 microns or less may be used for sweaters on its own or as a blend with finer fibers for added luster and durability.

The color of Romney fleece varies from white to grey, black, brown, or variegated.

Romney Marsh is a parent breed to Coopworth, Perendale, Romeldale, and California Variegated Mutant.


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