Quilted Barn for Inspiration


I start my days early. Today is no exception. It's a calm day on the farm, which is unusual. The typical seasonal work is relentless. But today is different. Everything has finally calmed down. And I decided to run some errands. I am starting my journey in the early hours to go shopping.

Driving through the shadows of the early morning, I finally saw the long-awaited sunrise.


The rising sun brightly illuminated the corn fields that are still dark in this photo:

Sunrise over corn

Sunlight and shadows are brining up a beautiful contrast of the field.

Corn field at sunrise.

The backlit foxtail grasses are cheerfully reflecting the light emphasized by the shadows in the background.


The contrasting silhouettes of the grasses are like fountains of inspiration.


I reached my shopping destination - the feed farm:

Feed Farm

I bought some feed for my animals. As I was watching five handsome cowboys loading my truck, I though, "it pays to be the first customer of the day." When the loading was done, I turned around my truck to go back home. The bright sunlight and the delightful aroma of the alfa-alfa hay in my truck have uplifted my mood.

On the way back, I passed a barn, which was beautifully decorated with this quilt design.

Barn with a quilt design.

This gorgeous pattern is called "Sunshine and Shadow." What a welcoming highlight of the day! Embrasing all the experiences of this trip, I decided to make this quilt.

Sunshine and Shadow Quilt.