Fabric Palette for the Sunshine and Shadow Quilt

My quilting project began with a careful preparation of calico cottons of matching earth tones and nature-inspired prints.

Small floral print on a deep brown background works very well for my country based quilt.

Small print on brown background

Muted orange color of this cotton matches the small flowers in the brown fabric.

The subtle diagonal lines in this filigree pattern stay consistent with the other prints and the overall quilt design.

This fabric is the brightest in the collection. It will make the quilt cheerful, while the faint vine pattern gives rest to the eye.

Orange cotton with vine pattern

This blue has a little gray and a hint of teal. When it’s added to the patchwork in small amount, the blue will pop and lighten the whole mosaic of the quilt. It’s like the blue sky peaking through the clouds in the “Sunshine and Shadow” theme.

Diagonal polka dots arrangement is congruous with the diamond configuration of the quilt design. And the blue color matches perfectly with the subtle blue flowers of the brown fabric.

Blue with polka dots fabric.

The light-khaki background with the delicate pattern will balance the darker colors and bolder prints of my fabric selection.

This is another transitional piece for the design.

Light-khaki with delicate print.

This bold green makes a statement on its own. This fabric will be used generously in my quilt.

The dainty floral vines lighten the look of this print and add the patterns of the growing nature. This diagonal, almost rhomboid, pattern is also consistent with the Sunshine and Shadow design.

Bold green with vine pattern.

This whimsical display of daisies and dragonflies looks very cheerful on the bright-green background of this beautiful design created by Angela Anderson and produced by Cranston Village. The inconspicuous diagonal polka dot array adds balance and a delicate match with the blue polka dot fabric.

Daisies and dragonflies pattern.

This lovely daisy print comes with a great bonus. It has a charming border saying, “All Things Grow With Love.” This times up perfectly with the gardening season.

All Things Grow With Love border

This beautiful paisley is the only fabric that I didn’t have in my collection and had to order separately. This is a solid piece of backing for the quilt.

Paisley quilt backing fabric

Inspired by the Quilted Barn, I pulled out the large stock of textiles from calico cotton quilting fabrics.

My quilting collection grows as I hunt down bargain finds. As I add more colors and patterns, the patchwork designs become more clear in my mind.

Basket with fabrics.

I am off to a good start. The next step is to design the quilt and make the patchwork.