Time Travel

Our New Year Time Travel

We decided to celebrate New Year twice. First time in Vladivostok and the second time in Anchorage.

Auntie met us at the airport and drove us home.


We went to the dog sled show the next day.


We took turns riding dog sleds.


These people in the village keep their water supply n-ice and clean. Grab a hatchet, chop off a pint and make some tea. It was -52C (-62 F) this day. What can be better?


This winter is very cold in Russia. It's so cold that people take boiling hot water outside and through it out in the air to make white peacock tails.


Clear day brought up the colors of the Russian cathedrals.


Clouds were moving in later this afternoon.


We were so close to China that we decided to travel there for some sightseeing. The ice competition blew our minds away.

The entire church and the swans are made of ice and painted white. They look magestic with the backdrop of the white winter Chinese sky.


This church, towers, srairs, etc. . . .everything except for the cupola is made of ice.


Night time lights bring whole new dimension to the ice city. We don't have buildings that tall in our home town. The little shadows in the foreground on the right are the real people.


This ice fish is giant.


These ballerinas are taller than me.


This giant creation is made of lighted ice blocks.


The ice town is too huge to see in one day. We came back the next day and went downhil sliding from the giant ice boat for hours. We felt like children.


Two days in China felt like two seconds. We had to return to Russia and greet our nieces from Norway.


The next morning, we left town to spend all day reindeer riding.




It was cold.


We were riding reindeer sleds all day long until we felt dizzy. What else is there to do? May be go swimming?

That's exactly what many Russians do in the winter. They go ice water swimming the polar bear style. Except, they call it "walrus swimming".

These ladies are competing in the local lake. The ice banks are cut to form a swimming pool. The merky white stuff under water is ice. They like it.


We celebrated the New Year with my auntie and the nieces in Vladivostok.

Instead of going to sleep, we boarded a plane to cross the Bering strait and land in Anchorage, Alaska to meet the New Year once again. If it's so much fun, why not to have it twice?