Reduction in Egg Production

December 15, 2016

Dear valued Customer!

As you know, our chicken farm has been experiencing reduction in egg laying.

Chickens laying eggs.

This is a natural process that happens with all free-range hens for multiple reasons: molting, seasonal changes, reduced day length, and so on.

Here at KimRidge Farm, we do not use hormones or GMO feed to increase our egg production. Our hens live their natural lives. When they stop laying eggs or slow down a bit, it means that their physiology needs a little rest. And that's perfectly fine with us.

They are trying very hard though. Chickens do like to lay eggs. They are just not making as much as all of our customers need right now.

Chicken on the nest.

When we contacted our buyers to explain this temporary decrease in our egg production, we were pleasantly surprised how understanding and patient you all are.

Thank you very much for your patience and for your loyalty. As soon as our worker-hens re-energize, we will continue providing our impeccable and most nutritious and healthy eggs for your table.

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