Our Hens are Back in Production

January 20, 2017

Basket of Eggs

A few weeks ago we wrote to our customers about slowing down in our egg production.

EggsToday we are happy to announce that we are back on track!




ChickenOur experienced layers have increased their production whereas the new pullets have just turned into hens! Our young flock is laying eggs now.

Starting early in the morning and throughout the day, our chickens take turns announcing a new egg on the nest.

The new hens and the mature ones love to participate in the process. They run to the coop, check out new eggs, go in and out of the building to see who else is ready to lay. They are very involved and learning.


The eggs come in different colors, sizes (some are still being on a small side coming from the young ones), but one thing they have in common - the unsurpassable quality.

Thank you for your patience and loyalty.

We are taking orders again.

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